Hobart food: Where to eat in Hobart

Hobart is an amazing food destination.  With an abundance of local produce, the annual Taste festival, as well as Bruny Island, it’s a foodie’s delight.  I had the pleasure of visiting the Taste festival last month and enjoying much Hobart food from the cafes and restaurants within the short few days I was there. If you’re planning a visit to Hobart, or looking for where to go for your next holiday, here are some of my top food-related experiences from my trip to inspire you to visit Hobart.

Taste of Tasmania

The annual Taste of Tasmania event is held each year late December and early January.  As a foodie, it is a fantastic time to go.  Prior to my trip, I had read online about the crowds however I didn’t feel that it was too busy when there, rather it had a wonderful buzzing atmosphere.  With that said, if you choose to visit during the Taste of Tasmania event, book your accommodation as early as possible.

MONA (and the food)

Museum of Old and New Art.  It’s just what you do when in Hobart.  This unique and exciting museum offers some delicious food options to keep you well fed as you explore the museum.  With the sun shining, I had lunch at the Wine Bar.  What did I order?  God’s plate.  Yes, that’s right, straight from the menu (aka dip and vegetable platter however that doesn’t nearly sound as good).

MONA Wine Bar vegetable platter with flatbread


Fico is a hatted Italian-inspired restaurant that truly celebrates the ingredients of each dish.  The menu has many delightful options, so much so that the degustation, or ‘Let us cook for you’ easily enticed us.  What did we enjoy?  Seven courses of happiness.  Here are a few food photos to entice you (and a post-food happy face).

Fico ravioli

Salamanca Markets

Each Saturday the Salamanca Markets fill the streets and delight your senses.  Even though it’s not a food market per se, there are plenty of food stalls showcasing local Hobart food: berries, fudge, nuts, jams and I even saw salmon sausages!

North Hobart

I had the pleasure of exploring North Hobart and it’s a wonderful hub of cafes, bars, breweries and shops for a spot of shopping too.  It’s about 20 minutes walk from the CBD and I highly recommend visiting.  There are some great looking places to eat some of which I’ve included below.

Others I missed

There are many cafes and restaurants I would have loved to have explored should I have had more time in Hobart.  Should you have a chance, these were also on my shortlist of Hobart food to try:


  • Farmers Gate Market – held each Sunday
  • Franklin
  • Ettie’s
  • Vilica – my searches for the best coffee in Hobart highly rated this cafe however they were closed due to the new year holiday period, but I look forward to trying next time!
  • Dier Makr

Other areas

  • Templo, just outside the CBD
  • Sweet Envy, North Hobart
  • Willing Bros, North Hobart
  • Pigeon Hole Bakers, West Hobart
  • Bruny Island

What is your favourite Hobart food destination?